The Company has assembled a unique Executive Board who members are diverse and include;

Ambassador Mrs. Sonoto Gladys Kudjoe: She holds a BA and MA degree    in Law and a Diploma in Project Management, Damelin, Pretoria, South Africa. She has served on and participated in a vast number of ministerial forums and conferences, sitting in the African Union Heads of State summits, and a delegate to the UN General Assembly in New York. She has served as

Ambassador of South Africa to the Kingdom of Sweden and the Arab Republic of Egypt. She brings diplomacy and inter-African and global connections to the operations of the Company.

Mr. Don Manyo-Plange is a UK and Ghana educated professional that has been involved with commodities, oil and gas, and is a former gold miner in Ghana, benefiting the Company with his expertise and European connections into mining and financial servicing aspects, and is a treasured member of the board with broad insights and cool demeanor. Dons life-time of achievements has increased his trajectory of input to the Company.


The young and dynamic CEO of GELL, JOANA GYAN, can truly be described as a maverick. For starters, she is the ONLY woman who is excelling in what has hitherto been a field aggressively dominated by men. Her success and accomplishments are phenomenal.
She mostly works out of her office which is situated at the Head Office in her traditional capacity as the Chief Executive Officer. Notwithstanding, she is occasionally wearing her full mining gear engaged in physical manual labor with the miners on the field.

Her comradery and warm rapport with the miners have created a strong and unusual bond between her and all the significant agents and miners in the nation.  This has placed her in the most unique position as a gold exporter.
She has taken advantage of the bond to build an official communications strategy with the miners. The result is that all the over 1000 agents and miners are constantly at her beck and call.