Golden Empire Legacy Limited (GELL) is one of the leading Gold Company in Ghana with a trademark of excellence in the supply of gold outside Ghana. As a legal corporate entity, its footprints in the precious minerals business is destined to become a legacy and the torchbearers in the annals of the history of Ghana.

GELL is a limited liability company incorporated in Ghana and it commenced business operations in 2016. It obtained gold export license enabling it to export to international buyers and Gold Buying License from the Minerals Commission of Ghana. It is actively buying gold from local miners and exporting it to international markets. Places such as Asankragwaa, off Tano Road, Atiwa District, Kwabeng, Enchi -Omanpe, etc.

Golden Empire was established by Chief Executive Officer, Joana Gyan, an inspiring businesswoman who is a descendant from two royal families, i.e. Juaben in the Ashanti Region, and Denkyira of Dunkwa Offin, Central Region in Ghana. She is ably assisted by a strong management team of young intellectuals who have similar dreams and aspirations. A dedicated work force propelling the company to achieve its global excellence. Golden Empire’s dynamic Chief Executive Officer, utilizes the staff, advisors, and board member talent pool to guide the Company on a step by step basis since the decision in April 2017, to define, display and propel Golden Empire Legacy Limited onto the world stage.

Golden Empire has attracted several prominent foreign buyers. The company is actively engaged in business development in various sectors to achieve the goal of becoming one of Africa’s most recognized responsible gold suppliers.